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Northeast Germany (Rostock, Stralsund, Berlin)

Baltic Sea

Cycle through historic cities, on fine sandy beaches, and enjoy the coastal ambience.

Bicycle tours along the Baltic Sea Coast or the Baltic Sea Cycle Route


Enjoy Cycling through diverse and untouched nature. There's nothing like being surrounded by tranquility, forest, and water.

Bicycle tours in Berlin  Brandenburg

Lake District

Explore the Land of 1000 Lakes, the Mecklenburg Lake District, by bike.

Bicycle Tours in the Mecklenburg Lake District


Cycle on Germany's easternmost route through regions rich in culture, nature, and places worth visiting.

Bicycle tours along the Oder-Neisse

Spree Forest

The Spree Forest Region enchants every cyclist with its charm. Cycle on well built paths through unique landscape.

Bicycle Tours in the Spree Forest

More Bicycle Tours in the Northeast

Northwest Deutschland (Kiel, Hamburg, Flensburg)

North Sea

Do you enjoy cycling? Enjoy the cool breezes of the North Sea, the sound of the rushing sea, and the endlessly long beaches.

Bicycle tours along the North Sea Coast

Weser River

Cycle through numerous forests and idyllic villages with many timber-framed houses and visit the "Pied Piper of Hamelin".

Bicycle tours along the Weser River

More Bicycle Tours in the Northwest

Central Germany (Cologne, Koblenz, Mainz)

Rhine & Ruhr Valleys / Alsace

Enjoy your cycling holiday along numerous vineyards and unique landscape.

Bicycle tours in the Rhine & Ruhr Valleys

Main River

Enjoy a relaxing bicycle tour through the glorious Franconian Wine Country to the unique Spessart Mountains.

Bicycle tours along the  main river

More Bicycle Tours in Central Germany

Southern Germany (Friedrichshafen, Ulm, München)

Lake Constance

Enjoy the surroundings of the Swabian lake by bike and admire the breathtaking backdrop of the Alps.

Bicycle tours along Lake Constance

Black Forest

One of Germany's most beautiful and romantic low mountain ranges awaits you on the tour through the Black Forest. Bicycle tours in the Black Forest

More Bicycle Tours in Southern Germany

Popular Cycle Paths

There are over 2 million kilometers of cycle routes in Germany. To make it easier to choose, we've put together a lists of the most popular and beautiful ones for you.

Baltic Sea Cycle Path

Take in the fresh air and enjoy the cool breezes along the vast sea on the Baltic.

Bicycle tours along the Baltic Sea Cycle Path

Danube Cycle Path

Esperience the Danube Region by bike and look forward to the culture and historically precious sights.

Bicycle tours along the Danube Cycle Path

Elbe River Cycle Path

There are many historically meaningful cities such as Prague and Dresden to be experienced on your bicycle tour along the Elbe River.

Bicycle tours along the Elbe River Cycle Path

Berlin Wall Cycle Path

Learn more about the history of the capital city and West Berlin by bike.

Bicycle tours along the Berlin Wall Cycle Path

Spree Cycle Path

Take a holiday in the delightful landscapes of the Spree Region as you cycle the Spree Cycle Route.

Bicycle tours along the Spree Cycle Path

Experience Europe by Bike

Take a bicycle tour to European cities, regions, and people. There are so many cultures and sights to be seen and experienced.

Netherland/ Holland

Cycle through unbelievably beautiful landscapes and get a closer look at country and culture.

Bicycle tours in the  Netherlands


Explore the Danish islands such as Bornholm and the mainland by bike.

Bicycle tours in Denmark

More Bicycle Tours in Europe

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The Best Family Holidays

Is there anything better than spending time with family whilst traveling through nature? We have selected the best bicycle tours for families - great for children, parents, and grandparents alike.

Family Holiday on the Baltic Sea Coast

Cycle along the Baltic Coast on child friendly paths. Relax and play on the numerous beaches. Bicycle tour Baltic Sea - Family Holiday

Family Holiday on the Island of Usedom

Explore the sunny island of Usedom by bike with your family.

Bicycle tour Family Cycling Holiday on Usedom Island

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  • Spree Forest Family Holiday
  • Mecklenburg Lake District Family Holiday
  • Island of Rügen Family Holiday

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