Experience even more on a guided tour.

Cycling in a group is twice as much fun.

Guided tours are led by one or more guides. The groups stay relatively small. The guides are familiar with the region's history and sights and regional flora and fauna. They are there for you should you need anything. We plan the bicycle tour for you. All there is left for you to do once you arrive is just enjoy the ride!

All Things Taken Care Of.

An advantage to a guided tour is that you do not have to bother with the planning and organisation. Accommodations are booked in advance, and the guide leads you on the trails sought out for you. Of course, you do have to keep pace with the group.

Explore Beautiful Regions

We offer guided tours in several regions. Some are along the Baltic Sea Cycle Route, some along the North Sea Cycle Route, and others through hills and mountains. Take your pick of a "Motto-Tour" such as one for wine-lovers and connoisseurs or culture-lovers. Other tours, such as our tour in Holland, offer the possibility to spend the nights on boats. Tours is Southern Europe have short daily stretches so you can enjoy more time on the beach. Tuscany tours are beautiful, and favourite holiday destinations include tours along rivers such as the Danube, Moselle, and Rhine. There are many tours to peruse, and we're sure there is the perfect one for you.

Group members have several things in common: They all enjoy cycling, are interested in the same holiday destination, and they love nature. Many long lasting friendships are started on such tours.

Group tours are great for individual travellers and offer the opportunity to go on holiday with like-minded people. The evenings are often spent together as a group, so meeting new people and having fun with others should be one of your fancies.