Tour Planning

Tour Planning for your personalized and pleasurable tour.

That means we design cycle tours to take you on the most appealing cycling routes, as much as possible away from major roads and along beautiful scenic stretches where you can experience nature. Your bicycle tour is meant to be enjoyed.

Your travel documents include detailed maps and informative material about your travel route so that you can find what interests you along the way. For example: Dine at a cosy café, take time to reflect at the "Klönen", a small museum and well-kept island secret, or admire the beauty of the flora and fauna along the wayside and in the surrounding area. Take the time and freedom to enjoy your own personalized travel experience.

Tour documents

As a customer of Mecklenburger Radtour, you will also receive a tour booklet and trail map pertaining to your cycle tour.

When booking a group tour, your group representative will be given a list of hotels per booked room and two luggage tags per person. After booking a tour, you may order further brochures and informative materials which cost between € 15,- and € 25,- per person, depending on the tour.

Itineraries, maps, and accommodation information pertaining to your tour will be mailed to you in advance (usually 14 days prior to the start of your tour), once payment has been received. 


To help make the most of your tour, we have selected quality accommodations for you.

The B & B's, inns, and hotels we have selected are known for their comfortable rooms, hearty breakfasts and cosy atmosphere. Some are typical of the region or are local landmarks.

Rooms in Category B: For selected routes we offer a cost-effective variant of accommodation in our category B ( B = Budget ). You will stay in friendly hotel houses, country inns and B&Bs hotels ( partly outside the centers) , the classification of mostly 2 , sometimes 3* comparable equipped. All rooms feature shower/toilets . Breakfast usually buffet style.   

Rooms in Category I: 2*, but mostly 3* hotels and inns.

Rooms in Category II: Very nice 3*, mostly first-class hotels which are highly recommended due to their comfort, location, and ambience. Some of these hotels have received their star status by DEHOGA. At some locations, a visitor's tax is required and is payable on-site at the hotel.

Luggage transfer

We are glad to provide you with our Luggage Transfer Service to each hotel on your tour. Luggage pieces are transfered to your next hotel, usually between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM daily. Please turn in your luggage at the reception each morning before 9:00 AM for pick-up. On our "OT"-Tours you are welcome to bring up to two luggage pieces at no more than 20 kg / 44 lbs ea. When you book a "PT"-Tour, we will be happy to check the allowance for you!

Rad-Bote - Our Newsletter

Lots of free tips all around the topics cycling, techniques and special offers (in German only)!

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What we offer
  • your accommodation
    are selected by our certified selection process.
  • Individual tours desires?
    Gladly - thanks to our unique service which is perfectly tailored to your needs.
  • Our hospitality services
    always has an open ear for your wishes and suggestions.
  • Luggage service
    do not worry more about your luggage - We provide transportation!
  • For full driving pleasure,
    we equip them with the best brand wheels.

Our bicycle tours offer unique experiential character.


To approximate estimate of each tour following classifications shall apply:

  • Tours without steep inclines in mostly flat terrain
  • flat to slightly hilly terrain with height differences up to 150 m
  • hilly terrain with mountainous sections Elevations of 150-300 m
  • difficult stages in the mountainous terrain height differences of more than 300 m
Tour character

In addition to the difficulty has a tour character each tour.

  • Sportiv biking
    Here, take the original tour with more kilometers
  • Genussradeln
    Determine the own pace and enjoy nature.
  • Family Cycling
    Cycling with the whole family.
  • Exclusive Cycling
    Specially arranged tours with quality accommodation
  • strolling tours
    Most short stages with a lot of time.