Quastions round cycling

On a self-guided tour you cycle the tour of your choice without being bound to a group, so you can decide when to start your day, where and when to take a break, and which points of interest you would like to visit.

We aim to give you the best planned trip possible, including maps, directions, luggage transfer, booking of choice hotels, rental bikes, and much more.

On a guided tour you cycle with a group and a tour guide who can fill you in on some interesting facts about the culture and history of the places your tour takes you. It’s fun to be with like-minded people. You won’t know in advance who you will be touring with, but you’ll definitely have one thing in common: the joy of cycling

No. It is still a self-guided tour. However, there must be enough participants for the tour to take place.

Our tours are planned so that any average healthy person can cycle them without having much long-distance cycling experience. To know for sure if you are up for a bicycle tour, you may want to consult your doctor.

Yes, up to a certain point. We can modify some tours. Please let us know what you are wanting to do before booking a tour.

No, you can book additional nights. Just let us know when booking your tour. You may also want to check into our Star Tours. These are great for exploring a region by bike without having to change hotels.

Take the shortest route on roads or shorten your tour by taking the train or ferry.

Our tours are cycled mostly on official bicycle trails, trails suitable for cycling, and less trafficked country roads. State roads are taboo unless absolutely unavoidable, and if so, only for a very short stretch.

The levels of difficulty are as follows. Figures are estimates only.

  • 1: No steep inclines, mostly flat terrain, suitable for most people whether a cyclist or not
  • 2: Occasional hills, elevations of up to 150 m / 492 ft., average physical condition required
  • 3: Hilly terrain, occasionally mountainous, elevations of up to 150-300 m / 492-984 ft., for cyclists in good physical condition
  • 4: Frequent climbs and downhill stretches, elevations over 300 m / 984 ft, for experienced cyclists in above average physical condition

Some tours can be cycled in the opposite direction. Just let us know.

If you would like to bring your four-legged friend, please let us know so we can make corresponding arrangements.

We recommend you use a bike with gears for various surfaces. A mountain bike isn’t necessary. Racing bikes are not suitable for our tours due to various surfaces.

Please check with the railway company to ensure your bike can be taken along. Sometimes trains are too booked to allow for bicycles. Should that be the case, you can have your bike shipped to your hotel at the start of the tour.

We will send you a list of parking possibilities along with your tour information. General parking information is listed with each individual tour on our website and in our catalogue.

Yes, you can bring your own bike. If you rent a bike from us, but want to bring your own seat, the assembly should not be a problem as long as the seat post is the correct size.

Your rental bike will be waiting for you at your hotel. At the end of the tour, just leave your bike at the last hotel, locked, and in the designated area. Turn in the lock key to the reception.

Our rental bikes are top-quality brands and fully functional. In case of an accident or damage to the bike, a repair kit with tire patches and tools is provided for you along with a list of repair shops. If shop repairs are needed, we will reimburse you (up to a certain amount) upon presentation of the receipt when you return.