You must first book a tour. Only after we have received your signed booking form can we get started with booking your hotel rooms. We do it this way simply because it takes time determining which hotels have availability. 

Feel free to request certain hotels on your booking form. We will do our best to book rooms with the hotels of your choice.

Your accommodations consist of Bed & Breakfasts or hotels with comfortable rooms and a cosy atmosphere. Breakfast is always included. We also aim to book rooms in places typical for the local culture.

Rooms in Category I: 2*, but mostly 3* hotels and B&B's.

Rooms in Category II: Very nice 3*, mostly first-class hotels which are highly recommended due to their comfort, location, and ambience. Some of these hotels have received their star status by DEHOGA. At some locations, a visitor’s tax is required and is payable on-site at the hotel.