Tour documents

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Mecklenburger Radtour will send you a packet of diverse tour documents – a tour book, map, and travel guide, or one booklet including all information (like Bikeline) per booked room. The party leader booking your tour will receive one hotel list and luggage tags for each tour participant. If you would like additional travel information packets, you may order them for a charge of 15,- to 20,- € each. We do not send out any travel information before confirming a booked tour. 

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We will send you your chattel paper along with your booking confirmation.

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Yes, you can arrange for travel cancellation insurance. We will send you an insurance form with Hanse Merkur Versicherung AG (Insurance Co.) along with your booking confirmation. Fill out the form and apply for insurance directly with the insurance company. Or, you can arrange for the travel cancellation and travel insurance online at time of booking your tour. Be sure to keep insurance application deadlines in mind. Please send any claims directly to the insurance company. We will provide you with the needed address and service number.