Cycling Tour: Der Gurken-Radweg

6 Days / 230 km (143 m) / from 389 €

Der Gurkenradweg ist ein 250 km langer Rundweg und er verbindet Sehenswertes im Ober- und Unterspreewald als auch am Rande, Nahezu flaches Gelände, ein gut ausgebautes Radwegenetz und eine einzigartige Wald-, Wiesen- und Flusslandschaft bieten beste Voraussetzungen dazu. Auf der „Gurkenradweg-Tour“ ist die radelnde Gurke Ihr ständiger „Begleiter“. Genießen Sie Spreewälder Spezialitäten und besuchen Sie das einzige Gurkenmuseum Deutschlands in Lehde.


Day 1: Arrival in Cottbus

Travellers are responsible for their own transportation to Cottbus. The metropolitan city in the Lausitz region is one of Germany’s greenest cities with several parks. There are many restaurants to choose from to round out your evening. Spend the night in Cottbus.

Day 2: Cottbus – Lübbenau

Distance: approx. 45-58 km

You will be in the Spree Forest in no time. It’s worth your while to take small excursions along the way, such as the White Stork Centre in Vetschau or the replica of a Slavic Fortification, Raddusch. The stretch between Leipe and Lehde is extraordinarily beautiful. Visit the museums in Lehde. Lübbenau isn’t from there. In Lübbenau, cycle to the big harbour and enjoy the market life with all the Spree Region specialties it has to offer. Spend the night in or near Lübbenau.

Day 3: Lübbenau – Unterspreewald

Distance: approx. 48-77 km

Cycle along the Spree to Lübben. The castle, museum, castle island, and many harbours invite you to stay a while. If you are up for a more sportive route and are capable of facing the challenge, you can continue to Golssen or Lake Neundorf. If not, however, continue cycling to Schlepzig, a beautiful little village in the Lower Spree Forest. Then, cycle on to Lake Köthen or to the “Tropical Island”. Stay overnight in Krausnick or Schlepzig.

Day 4: Unterspreewald - Burg

Distance: approx. 47-51 km

Return to Lübben and Straupitz with its famous church and Dutch mill. Enjoy the tranquillity and nature’s beauty. Continue to Burg. There is much to be admired as you cycle through the rural dispersed settlement with numerous watercourses running through it. Spend the night in Burg.

Day 5: Burg – Cottbus

Distance: approx. 44 km

Pass the Bismark Tower on your way to the Spree River and follow the course of the river to Cottbus. Follow the trail to Dissen where you can visit the local museum for information about the Wends and Sorbs. Continue through the old fortress city of Peitz, widely known for its carp ponds. The landscape changes near Lakoma where you get a good look onto the active brown coal mine. Stay overnight in Cottbus.

Day 6: Departure from Cottbus

Turn in your rental bike and depart after breakfast. Travellers are responsible for their homeward transportation.


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Der Gurken-Radweg
6 Days / 5 Nights
Täglicher Reisebeginn 25. April bis 22. September 2020

Preis in € pro Person*Cat. IICat. I
Double Room519389
Single Room719549

Achtung: Diese Reise ist nicht für Personen mit Mobilitätseinschränkung geeignet.

By train - To Cottbus. You can take the public bus or a taxi to the hotel. The fee is payable on-site.

By car – City parking costs approx. € 7,50/day. All parking depends on availability. Reservations not accepted and fees are payable on-site.


All costs subject to change


Rooms with shower/WC or bath/WC

  • Accommodations for 5 nights (according to booking category)
  • Breakfast included
  • incl. "Spreewald"-souvenir
  • Luggage transfer service to each hotel
  • 7-Day Service Hotline
  • On-site tour presentation
  • 1x Tour information packet per booked room