Cycling Tour: Familienradeln Mecklenburgische Seenplatte "Kleine Entdecker ganz groß"

5 Days / 84 km (52 m) / from 299 €

Radeln Sie mit Ihren Kindern um das Kleine Meer - die Müritz. Interessantes über die Müritz erfahren Sie im Müritzeum. Einen riesigen Schwarm Maränen - Fische, die es nur im Land der Tausend Seen gibt - sehen Sie dort. Auf dieser Radreise gibt es im Müritz- Nationalpark Adler zu beobachten. Hier werden seltene Pflanzen und Tiere geschützt.


Day 1: Arrival in Waren/Müritz

As soon as you arrive in Waren/Müritz you can test your rental bike and make sure everything is ready to go. You’ll definitely want to visit the aquariums and the adventure playground at the “Müritzeum”. Spend the night in Waren/Müritz.

Day 2: Lake Labussee

Distance: approx. 24 km

Cycle across several bridges, going back and forth across the Havel, a small stream that becomes a large river by Berlin. Your destination is your hotel, “Borchards Rookhus”, near Wesenberg on Lake Labussee. Go for a swim or take a canoe out for a while. Your family may want to visit the villa called “Kunterbunt” with its spa baths and sauna.

Day 3: Lake Müritz

Distance: approx. 20 km

Enjoy the special breakfast for explorers like yourself. After you’ve “fuelled up”, cycle to Wesenberg where there is a fortress with a high tower to climb. Take a break from cycling and ride the train to Mirow. Be sure to visit the lock there. You might even get to watch as the water level is raised and lowered to allow large ships to pass through. Cross the most southern part of the lake on a bridge. You’ll notice how large the lake is. You may want to ride a horse at “Seehof” where you will spend the night. The hotel is located right on the lake.

Day 4: Old Churches on Lake Müritz

Distance: approx. 40 km

Have you ever seen an octagonal church? There is one in Ludorf. Do you think you can climb 148 steps? If so, then climb the Marien Church tower in Röbel, and you will notice how large the lake is, so large, it seems like the ocean! If the weather is cool you can go swimming in the Müritz Thermal Bath. Spend the night at the hotel “Grüner Baum” in Gotthun.

Day 5: Back to Waren

Just one more stretch, and you will have cycled around the entire lake. Your family may want to try the freshly smoked fish at the harbour in Sietow. Visit the fairy tale castle with its many towers in the small village of Klink. Go for a swim or play on the sandy white beach. You can take the ferry from Klink to Waren/Müritz if you prefer not to cycle. There is something near the bicycle trail you may dare to do – the ropes course, “Kletterwald Müritz”. Spend the night in Waren.


Preis in € pro Person *Cat. ICat. II
Double Room299.00369.00
Single Room449.00519.00

Season Prices

From 16.05.2020 to 19.06.2020

  • 60.00 € surcharge in Cat. I
  • 80.00 € surcharge in Cat. II

Additional Services

  • Leihrad mit Gepäcktasche - 50.00 €
  • Kinder-Leihrad - 25.00 €
  • Elektro-Leihrad mit Gepäcktasche - 110.00 €

Children's Discount

5 - 15 Years
-50.00 € discount on Cat. I
max. 2 Children
max. 0 full paying adults
in own room

5 - 15 Years
-50.00 € discount on Cat. II
max. 2 Children
max. 0 full paying adults
in own room

5 - 15 Years
-130.00 € discount on Cat. II
max. 1 child
max. 2 full paying adults
in extra bed in a double room

5 - 15 Years
-100.00 € discount on Cat. I
max. 1 child
max. 2 full paying adults
in extra bed in a double room



Preis in € pro Person*Cat. I
Double Room59.00
Single Room125.00


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Familienradeln Mecklenburgische Seenplatte "Kleine Entdecker ganz groß"
5 Days / 4 Nights
Täglicher Reisebeginn 25. April bis 03. Oktober 2020

Preis in € pro Person*Cat. ICat. II
Double Room299369
Single Room449519

Achtung: Diese Reise ist nicht für Personen mit Mobilitätseinschränkung geeignet.

Rooms with shower/WC or bath/WC

By train - To Waren/Müritz

By car - Free parking in Mecklenburger Radtour lot

  • Accommodations for 4 nights (according to booking category)
  • Breakfast included
  • Luggage transfer service to each hotel
  • 1x “1000 Seen” ticket – for discounts in regional museums, for a boat ride on Lake Müritz and for the national park bus)
  • 4-day Service Hotline
  • 1x Tour information packet per booked room
  • On-site tour presentation

Kinder im Alter von 0-4 Jahren schlafen im Bett der Eltern. Kosten 10 € pro Nacht