Scenic and very enjoyable ride von Ron and Laurie Warren

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Radtour Berlin - Kopenhagen

Radtour Berlin - Kopenhagen

11 Tage / 524 km / ab 1.259 €

The tour was very well organized and route information was plentiful. The first route description booklet we received was in German (we don't speak it), but we were able to trade with another couple so the problem was solved. The map was also somewhat difficult for us to use because of the language (but they were excellent detailed map and route books). All accommodations were comfortable, and our hotel hosts were welcoming and helpful when needed.
Very pleased with the quality of our rental bikes, and the luggage transfer service was perfect.
Even though this was not a "group tour" by the usual standards, we would have like at least one (maybe at the end) somewhat organized get-together of the riders. The end of the ride seemed rather anti-climactic as we all just "wandered off into the sunset."
Thank you for an excellent European biking experience.